Making A Difference

Making A Difference In Warren County United Way is committed to improving the quality of life in the Front Royal / Warren County area. We work together with organizations and individuals to achieve positive and lasting change in our community.

  • What would you do if your family member were sick and could not afford treatment?
  • If your daughter were physically abused by her spouse, where could you turn for help? What if your elderly father’s depression leads him to feel suicidal at 4 am?

Thanks to the efforts of your local United Way and its local agencies, you could get the assistance you need…right here in Warren County…because of the work agencies funded by the United Way perform every day.

For more than 12 years, your local United Way has been tirelessly looking out for our local citizens with its support of our local health and human service agencies. Over the last 12 years, the United Way of Front Royal/Warren County has raised and allocated more than $1 million dollars to such critically needed local agencies as the American Red Cross, Concern Hotline and St. Luke Community Clinic and ALL of it has been spent here in our county to assist our neighbors.

Your United Way has been instrumental in helping new services here in Front Royal like House of Hope, a homeless shelter for men, well as continuing funding for traditional services such as disaster relief and utility assistance. Your United Way assists with agencies including Community Transitional Housing Program, a transitional housing program, as well as helping provide jobs and pride to our disabled citizens with Blue Ridge Opportunities. Our Healthy Families Warren County provides free home visiting services and support for first-time parents and parents-to-be, and our support for Boy and Girl Scouts helps our local youth to develop strong moral and ethical values and reduces crime. The Front Royal Women’s Resource Center works to enhance the lives of women through education and support. Legal assistance is free to low income people through Blue Ridge Legal Services.

Today, should you need medical care but be unable to afford it, St. Luke Community Clinic stands ready to assist. Harmony House has been sheltering and supporting our abused women for nearly 25 years and continues in the forefront of services to abused women. Concern Hotline, Inc. has maintained its 24/7 local crisis and information and referral hotline number and services here in Warren County for more than 40 years, and responds to more than 10,000 calls annually.

The United Way concept is all about strengthening communities. YOU determine where funds are spent and who receives them. YOUR gifts go directly to the agencies of Warren County and Front Royal ONLY. NO funds raised from our campaigns go out of our community — every dollar raised here stays right here within the boundaries of Warren County, Virginia. Our tough economic times tell us that this year will be our greatest challenge ever…and we need YOU to help us conquer that challenge. We need your financial support to provide operating support to our local nonprofit agencies. But even more importantly, we need YOU to become a part of your United Way. We need Board members, presenters, volunteers, and more. We need YOU to take ownership of your United Way, and help us build the community we know we can be. With your help, we can increase our capacity to help our own community one neighbor at a time.

Please consider your United Way and give of your time as well as money this year. Your United Way needs YOU. DO SOMETHING. Donate, volunteer, pass the word — and help us to help our neighbors in need here in Warren County. Call today at 635-3636 to volunteer your services and give generously when our Fall campaign season arrives. Without you, we cannot succeed. With you, our community can show how much it cares. It’s about What Matters™ …in Warren County.

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