UntedWay FR Impact

2016 Community Impact Grants Awarded


In August of this year, your United Way announced an additional funding program available to all Warren County nonprofits. Called Community Impact funding, this program is aimed at promoting new and/or innovative programs that are just starting or that will be launched as a result of this funding opportunity.

UntedWay FR Impact

The impact funding being used comes from the campaign and other activities of the United Way of Front Royal, and for this project, all nonprofits with a 501 c3 designation from the IRS were able to apply.

Four local nonprofits, two United Way member agencies and two non-member agencies were selected to receive this new funding, opening opportunities for Warren County folks to take part in new and innovative projects.

Funding was granted to:

1) St. Luke Community Clinic – $15,000

We are truly excited to partner with our own St. Luke Community Clinic to announce the first-ever DENTAL CLINIC for Warren County citizens. As most low-income folks can attest, getting dental care has been a hit-or-miss proposition here in Warren County, despite the proven science that links good dental care to more serious wellness issues, such as cardiovascular health. This year, through the tireless work of the staff and volunteers of St. Luke, a new dental chair has been added and dental work is now being done through St. Luke. Current patients will be the first to benefit, but St. Luke and the United Way will be eager for ways to expand this much-needed program here in Warren. Way to go, St. Luke!!!!!

2) Phoenix Project – $23, 000

Our very own Phoenix Project has been awarded $23,000 to continue and expand the programs they began in the aftermath of the fall of Harmony Place. These much-needed funds will help to expand services for children and men…more than 12 males have already sought out assistance from Phoenix and the new funding will allow them and others to access these vital lifesaving services. Since the beginning of the new fiscal year on July 1, Phoenix has provided advocacy services (counseling, group, court accompaniment) to 103 individuals and answered 154 Hotline calls.

3) Humane Society of Warren County – $4,000

The “Hand in Paw” Project is an outreach by the Humane Society of Warren County to help people and pets in crisis. When life-altering crises happen, often the last and least-known victim becomes the family pet…and for most folks in such a position, they are torn about what to do for their four-legged friends. The Humane Society’s new effort, called the “Hand in Paw” project will assist the Humane Society folks in providing emergency funds

to help folks in crisis maintain their family pets through assistance with temporary placement for the beloved animals. Since 2013, HSWC has helped 370 families through this pilot program with counseling, advocacy, and financial assistance. This grant will help continue that vital work for Warren County citizens in crisis.

4) Warren Coalition – $4,250

Our own Warren Coalition has been granted funds to support their vital outreach efforts with our youth to prevent drug and alcohol abuse. They have formed “Above the Influence” or “ATI” clubs in the high schools and middle school to make the right choices and fight the negative social and cultural influences. We are delighted to provide this vital support for our youth in Warren County.

All of these programs will be active in 2016, thanks in part to this funding, but also due to the tireless work our nonprofit partners are pumping into our community. Congratulations to all our 2015 Community Impact Grant award winners!!

Your United Way is extremely pleased with the results of this first round of Impact funding. Impact funding, like allocation funding, both depend on YOUR donations to our United Way, and we need YOU to continue this vital effort. When you give to the United Way campaign, you are helping to provide the means to improve, direct and enhance health and human services here in Warren County. Remember: if only ½ of the citizens gave $52 to the annual United Way campaign, we would have more than a million dollars to assist our neighbors. It all depends on YOU!! Please make your donation today…visit our web site to make an online donation, send a check or ask to be billed…any way you want, you can give to your neighbors.

This year’s goal is $166,000…if that goal is made, we can assure the citizens that Community Impact grants will be back. It is up to YOU!!!

The Front Royal United Way supports the effort of 11 health and human service agencies that provide services to Warren County residents. They are: Blue Ridge Housing Network, Blue Ridge Legal Services, Blue Ridge Opportunities, Concern Hotline, Front Royal Women’s Resource Center, Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital, Healthy Families of the NSV, House of Hope, Mental Health America – Warren County, St. Luke Community Clinic and our newest initiative – the Phoenix Project.

For more information, or to make a donation to the United Way, please call 540-635-3636, email at: info@frontroyalunitedwway.org