Day of Caring 2016 – A Great Big Hand of Applause to Our Volunteers

unitedwaydoc2016 smThis year was United Way’s 14th consecutive year of hosting our Day of Caring event, and it was a fantastic one.

A great big “THANK YOU” to all of the volunteers for United Way’s 2016 annual Day of Caring, which turned out to be a very nice day to get out and give to those in need.

You Rock!

We had over 130 volunteers this year—this is nothing short of AWESOME! Maybe you aren’t aware, but you helped 26 different families with a host of issues/problems: home repairs, painting, floor installation, plumbing, property beautification, and property clean-up? YOU did it!

 We could never hope to take on such a large number of projects without you, the volunteers that make things happen. We hope that you enjoyed the day and want you to want to return for next year’s Day of Caring event.

We would like for you to know that your involvement, caring and the donation of your valuable time and expertise makes the difference in our town and county. From the Board of Directors of your local one-county United Way, we thank you from the bottom of our community’s heart for demonstrating your caring for your neighbors by being involved in this year’s event–you practiced “Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” and it does not go unnoticed. Our most sincere appreciation to you all ?!?

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