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          2017-18 Board of Directors

Cory Michael                                                                           Mary Bayer                                                                      
President                                                                                 Member
CBM Mortgage                                                                         Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites

Felicia Hart                                                                               Sihwa Campbell
Vice President                                                                         Member
Town of Front Royal                                                                 The Aikens Group

Debbi Cahill                                                                              Michael Hirsch 
Treasurer                                                                                   Member
No Doubt Accounting                                                               Warren County Public Schools

Casey Tanner                                                                            Erin Kalbach
Secretary                                                                                   Member
BB&T                                                                                            Warren Memorial Hospital

Keri Ayers                                                                                   Tamar Yager
Member                                                                                       Member
Moms in Motion                                                                          Community Volunteer







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