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          2017-18 Board of Directors

Cory Michael                                                                           Mary Bayer                                                                      
President                                                                                  Member
CBM Mortgage                                                                         Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites

Felicia Hart                                                                               
Vice President                                                                         
Town of Front Royal                                                                 

Debbi Cahill                                                                              Michael Hirsch 
Treasurer                                                                                   Member
No Doubt Accounting                                                               Warren County Public Schools

Casey Tanner                                                                            Erin Kalbach
Secretary                                                                                    Member
BB&T                                                                                            Warren Memorial Hospital

Keri Ayers                                                                                   Tamar Yager
Member                                                                                       Member
Moms in Motion                                                                          Community Volunteer







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